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Logan Basic – An Overview
Logan Basic is a chiropractic technique developed by Hugh Logan, D.C. Dr. Logan believed that health problems are caused by distortions of the body. All distortions of the body ultimately have their origins in distortions of the spinal column. When the body is distorted, strain and abnormal energy flows develop in tissues and organs, causing decreased vitality. Changes in normal body chemistry also result, as organ physiology is affected and the body's ability to remove waste products through the circulatory system is compromised by strained or flaccid muscles. The body's ability to withstand stress and resist disease is diminished.

In Logan Basic, malalignment of the sacrum is believed to be the root cause of all distortions. Returning the sacrum to normal position and to normal articulation with adjacent portions of the pelvis and lumbar spine allows the body to eliminate distortions and return to more normal functioning. In animals, Logan Basic technique involves light contact on the right or left sacrotuberous ligament. Because the contact points are near the anus, many dogs (especially unneutered males) resist this form of chiropractic. Logan Basic therapy can improve spinal dynamics and provide significant pain relief. It can also result in considerable flushing of toxins from body tissues. This flushing can cause discomfort and more serious reactions, e.g. vomiting or diarrhea. Logan Basic should only performed by a veterinarian experienced in the technique.