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Network – An Overview
Network Chiropractic, developed by Donald M. Epstein, D.C., uses a system of gentle contacts on the back of the head, the neck, and the base of the spine to release spinal malarticulations ("subluxations"). Subluxations can be a purely physical event (such as those caused by a fall or other trauma). Emotional events or mental stresses which overload the nervous system, causing chemical changes within the body, can also cause subluxations. Network techniques are designed to reduce tension in the brain and spinal cord before any forceful adjustment of subluxations is performed. This reduction in tension allows the body's innate intelligence (natural healing ability) to reprogram the nervous system and facilitate the elimination of the subluxations. Because many subluxations clear during Network treatment, the need for forceful adjustments is reduced or eliminated.

Network Chiropractic can help animals with histories of abuse, abandonment, injury, and other trauma/stress to release the effects of these experiences from their nervous systems. Animals with ongoing illnesses and disabilities can also benefit from periodic Network treatments. Only a veterinarian experienced in Network chiropractic should perform Network techniques on aggressive animals.